8 Fun Features for Your Reno Boat Storage Facility


Are you looking to spruce up your Reno Boat Storage facility? Adding some fun features can help to attract more customers and keep them coming back. Here are 8 great ideas that will add a little bit of excitement to your storage facility:

1. Interactive Amenities

One of the best ways to make your boat storage facility stand out is by adding interactive amenities such as mini-golf, batting cages, or even an on-site café. These features give customers something enjoyable to do while they’re in the area and can help create a sense of community among regular visitors. It’s also important to note that these items can be relatively inexpensive compared to other options available for improving your facility.

2. Cleaning and Repair Areas

Adding designated areas for cleaning and repairing boats is another great way to improve the customer experience at your boat storage facility. This allows customers to clean their vessels before storing them away, ensuring that they remain in good condition during their stay. You could also offer repair services at an extra fee, allowing customers who have encountered any problems with their boats while out on the water an easy solution that doesn’t require them to leave the premises.

3. Outdoor Seating Areas

To really give your boat storage facility some charm, consider adding outdoor seating areas where customers can relax after a day on the lake or ocean. This could include anything from simple benches and tables overlooking the lake or oceanfront sunset views – whatever works best with your location and budget! Not only does it provide a great place for people to relax, but it also encourages interaction between those using the facilities, which helps build relationships between members over time – having friends around often makes going places more enjoyable!

4. On-Site Pet Park

If there’s one thing most pet owners agree on, it’s how hard it can be to find somewhere you can take Fido when you go boating! An on-site pet park is just what you need for canine lovers who want their four-legged friends along for the ride – this feature gives pets plenty of space to run around and play without endangering anyone else in the area or damaging property nearby! Plus, it may even draw in new customers who would otherwise not visit due to restrictions on bringing animals into certain spaces – so consider setting up a designated dog zone today!

5. Free Wi-Fi Access

Offering free Wi-Fi access not only means convenience for visitors, but also potentially for businesses renting out units on your site; allowing them to quickly access the internet without having to add extra costs to their rent could sweeten any deals with potential tenants! With everyone relying more and more on technology these days, this is the amenity that really separates the quality establishments from the mediocre ones – so don’t miss out by forgetting this essential feature!

6. High security measures

Customers should feel safe when visiting your boat storage facility; installing top quality security measures such as CCTV surveillance cameras or motion detectors linked directly to the police means that customers know that nothing will be stolen from their unit while they’re away (or worse). Even if someone does try to break into the units, these measures will provide valuable evidence that can be used against intruders if necessary – giving peace of mind all round!

7. Improve lighting

Installing better lighting systems in car parks and outdoor areas serves two purposes: firstly, it increases visibility, ensuring everyone feels safe walking outside after dark; secondly, proper lighting improves aesthetics, giving a positive vibe every time people enter or leave the premises (a must if attracting repeat business is part of the plan!). Investing in energy efficient LED lights has become popular recently as they tend to last longer than traditional light bulbs whilst using less electricity – so be sure to get some installed soon!

8 . Discounts for regular users

Finally, offering discounts (either permanent reductions or seasonal offers) helps to reward loyal customers whilst raising awareness of the facility with new ones; discounts could either apply to general rates across the board, reducing the overall cost per use/rental period, or alternatively target specific services such as repairs/cleanings etc… Offering incentives always leads to higher sales volumes than simply relying on standard pricing strategies, so don’t forget to consider doing the same here!

These 8 suggestions are all great ways to make your Reno boat storage facility stand out from the competition in no time – get started now and see how much difference they make!